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Mt. Fort Awesome is the home of the birds. The Mighty Eagle's cave is near Mt. Fort Awesome. The eggs reside on the balcony of the very top floor. Somehow, the pigs always get in.


Mt. Fort Awesome.



This is the enterance. It looks like the register of a fancy restaurant for some reason. There are three chambers it opens to, those being the treasure hall, the nerd dungeon, and the living room. By the desk is a ALRRF.

Treasure Hall[]

The treasure hall has a series of rooms filled entirely with treasure. There are two important rooms, the Basement and the Nerd Dungeon.

Nerd Dungeon[]

A labyrinth and series of jail cells where they imprison the most serious members of evil species. It is impossible to escape.

Living Room[]

In the living room is a couch big enough for all 15 (17 if you count Jay, Jake, & Jim as individuals) of the birds. There is also a 5'03x4'12 inch flatscreen 4320p HD TV.

Bed Chamber[]

This hallway holds the beds for the birds. Red being the leader, his bed is at the end of the hallway. Since, in actuallity, the Blues are individuals, there is a corner that leads to three beds for them.


This zone is scattered with books. One of the known books is a copy of the Angry Birds Cookbook, which one is used by Chef Pig. There are various other mysteries, secrets, and easter eggs within the books. By the desk are some A.L.R.R.F.s.


Near the living room is the kitchen. It has a couch, table, stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, and other characteristics a kitchen would have.


Mt. Fort Awesome has 20 bathrooms. They all have one bathtub/shower, a toilet, a sink, and a mirror.


Plants, a pond, and a well are within the yard. There is also a vegetable garden for the toppings of their pizza and burgers. There is also a wormhouse where worms come by and eat wormseed.


The garage consists of space for various outdoor items. It is where they keep their worm food. Of these outdoor items are a lawnmower, a hose, a rake, bottles of weed killer, and more. As it is revealed in Angry Birds Toons, before the birds lived in Mt. Fort Awesome, it was once home to Fanboy Monster, and the garage is where Dra"cool"a and the Colonel Monster's Monster Time Pizza Palace Fun Time Rock 'n Roll Club Band were built.

Food Court[]

Albeit there is already a kitchen in Mt. Fort Awesome, it also has a food court. The food is served by the ALRRFs built by Hal.


Yes, there is a theater in Mt. Fort Awesome. At the ticket booth and snack center are ALRRFs.


As suprising as the theater, there is also an aquarium.

Game Room[]

This is where the birds go play Angry Birds Kart, Angry Birds Party, and other multiplayer Angry Birds games. It is also where there collected Angry Birds plushes, Telepods, Skylanders figures, and plushes of other video game series are kept.

Main Balcony[]

At the very top of Mt. Fort Awesome, the main balcony resides. It has a glass roof. Also, the Eggs and the Boy and Girl Eggs are kept here.


The real top floor. It holds items from the RPG games. There are also pictures of Fanboy Monster, him building Dra"cool"a as well as the rest of the band. There is also a picture of this mutant looking like "it" could be the past life of King Pig. A demonic Chef Pig is also shown. Some Golden Eggs and other stuff like it are kept here.


More RPG items are stored here. There are some blueprints for Dra"cool"a on the wall. Some other Golden Eggs and kept here. They keep their trophies here.


In the nerd dungeon, is a racetrack. Every time Mt. Fort Awesome is a track in Angry Birds Go!, the birds get it out and prepare it.




  • The name of the location is an obvious spoof of the short-lived Cartoon Network series Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.