Mud Bird
Brown Bird
General Info
Powers Shoots mud and squawks "Quack!"
First Level Appearance: Many
Gender: Male
Species: Duck
Locations: Many
Strength: Normal-Weak
Size: Normal

Mud Bird (formerly Brown Bird) is a bird that looks like Red Bird. His power is to shoot mud.


  • Pull-back noise: Now-wack!
  • Launch noise: Same as the regular Yellow Bird
  • Tap noise: (shoots mud) Quack!
  • Corpse noise: Same as the regular White Bird


  • His old name was Brown Bird.
  • He is a brown duck but he squawks "Quack!".

  • His trading card with his old name.
  • Mud Bird is flying
  • Artwork for Angry Birds Galaxy
  • Mud Bird transforming with brown aura.
  • Cut-out
  • Plush toy
  • Mud Bird in Space version is the Rocky Mud Bird.

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