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General Info
Powers None
First Level Appearance: None
Gender: Female
Species: 80% Bird, 20% Human
Locations: Unknown
Strength: None
Size: Medium

Natalie is a new bird in the flock. She was originally a human but got turned into a bird.


Natalie Brown was a 15-year-old girl who lived in southern Peru, near the Chilean border. One day, she and her family were on a ship headed for the Philippines. But, in a Pacific storm, Natalie was washed overboard! Weeks later, she washed up on the shores of an island. She found some golden feather in the sand. She had picked it up, and when she did, she noticed she was sprouting feathers! Her limbs were retreating into her body, and her hair became top feathers. To stop the process, she threw the golden fether into the ocean, where it sunk. Nobody had seen the golden fether since. But after throwing the golden feather out to sea, it was already too late: Natalie was already a bird.

She aimlessly wandered around the island for help. She tried to make friends with a group of green pigs, but for some reason they kept on running away. Eventually, she found a tiny green bird that lead her to somewhere on the island. And that was when Natalie met the flock. She has been with the flock ever since. Due to the halt in process of transformation, she has no power.