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Navy Blue Bird
Imgres (14)
General Info
Powers Splitting into progressively smaller birds
First Level Appearance: angry birds colors
Gender: Male
Species: Bluejay (you can change this)
Locations: (for Angrybirds720 to fill out)
  • Strong (large)
  • Medium (medium)
  • Weak (small)
  • Extra Weak (tiny)
  • Insanely Weak (extra tiny)
  • Very Strong (explosion)
Size: Bomb (large)

Navy Blue Bird is a bird that appears in Angry Birds Colors. His ability is to scream and split into even smaller birds. Its known forms are:

  • 1 large Navy Blue Bird,
  • 2 medium Navy Blue Birds,
  • 4 small Navy Blue Birds,
  • 8 tiny Navy Blue Birds, and
  • 16 extra tiny Navy Blue Birds.

After all of the stages, the birds will explode.