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Neon Terence is Terence when he was teleported to Hal and Crystal (Ice Bird) to the world of colors in Angry Birds Color Adventure.

Neon Terence

The Neon Terence, creating the neon ball shoting the red laser beam.

The Power of Neon Terence[]

Terence gets a new power in this game, something that did not happen in any game so far (as it always had the same power to crush and super energy). In this game gets power beyond its original neon shoot rays leisure. (Depending of the world, the rays can be of various colors)

Colors of the Terence's Neons[]

The color of the neon beam that shoots Terence changes in each episode:

  1. Night Stars: White Neon
  2. Sky Valley: Blue Neon
  3. Colors of the Florest: Green Neon
  4. Rainbow Road: Purple Neon
  5. Bonus Levels: Red Neon

Neon Terence in the game[]

In this game Terence receives the colors of your neons in the spots of your body. When activated, releases a sphere (the color of the neon current) and sends the laser beam.