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Nevrade Entertainment (AKA Nevrade Entertainment LTD) is a Finnish developer company, publisher, co-publisher, distributor of games and is an entertainment company located in Helsinki, Finland. The company is best known for co-developing Angry Birds: Bubbles and the Knight RPG series.


In 2002, two men gathered several friends to found a company dedicated to make games. The company had its first success with the first Knight game, released in 2006, selling over a million copies. After the success of Knights: Super-stardom, the company released Knights: Partners in piracy, which spiraled the company into a depression. After this, the company realized that they needed to create a game quickly to boost sales. Shorty after, Storm the Castle was released. The game immediately was a success, and because of this several games were released afterwards, including the Knight Franchise, which were all big successes.

Because of this success, it attracted Rovio Entertainment Oyj's attention and they collaborated to make the game, Angry Birds Stella. Three years later, Nevrade and Rovio collaborate to make Angry Birds: Bubbles. Later Nevrade, Rovio, and Mirage Programming collaborated to create Angry Birds 3: The Final Flocktier. During the production of Angry Birds 3: The Final Flocktier, Rovio and Nevrade produced an animated series called Angry Birds The Final Flocktier, based off the game with the same name. Rovio later, with contact with Nevrade, created Angry Birds Early Hatch Years in 2020.

Soon after Nevrade and Rovio begin their work on Angry Birds Ultimate. That was delayed until 2026, when it was finally released. Nevrade also ported Angry Birds Ultimate to Japan with the release of Angry Birds Ultimate: Special.

Angry Birds: Out of Darkness was started to worked on after the release of Angry Birds 3: The Final Flocktier, released in 2020. They also produced an animated TV series released on Cartoon Network called The Adventures of Holly and Callahan released in 2021.

Later, Nevrade is contacted by Nintendo and AlphaDream to collaborate to make a Mario & Luigi game called Mario & Luigi: The Furious Five, released in 2024.

They also had a small influence on Angry Birds: Beyond the Rainbow Door, released in 2024.


Developed by Nevrade Entertainment

Knight RPG 1 (AKA "Knights: Super-stardom ") - 2006

Knight RPG 2 (AKA "Knights: Partners in Piracy ") - 2007

Storm the Castle - 2008

Storm the Castle DS - 2008

Storm the Castle 2 - 2009

Creative Game Beta (Now known as, "Creativity") -2010

Knight RPG 3 (AKA "Knights: Creative Team! ") -2012

Knight RPG: Lost Kingdom (AKA "Knight RPG 4") - 2013

Angry Birds Stella - 2014

Angry Birds: Bubbles (co-develop) -2017

Knight RPG 5 (AKA "Knights: Stuck in a Jam! ") -2018

Angry Birds 3: The Final Flocktier -2019

Storm the Castle 3 - 2019  

Angry Birds: Out of Darkness - 2020

Mario & Luigi: The Furious Five - 2024

Angry Birds Sling into Fury - 2025

Angry Birds: A Silver Lining - 2026

Angry Birds Ultimate - 2026

Angry Birds Ultimate 2 - 203X

Red Fazbird's Ultimate Graveyard Shift - 20XX

(Note future game names may be subject to change)

Non-Canon Games

An Unnamed game - 20XX

Angry Birds Early Hatch Years - 2020

Angry Birds Fusions - 2021

Puyo Puyo: The World to Win - 2022

Angry Birds: Beyond the Rainbow Door (Minor Influence) - 2024

Angry Birds Ultimate: Special (Cancelled) - 2027

Angry Birds Digital Revolution - 3014

TV Shows

Angry Birds The Final Flocktier - 2019

The Adventures of Holly and Callahan - 2021

(Note future TV Show names may be subject to change)


Although the Angry Birds Saga ended with A Silver Lining, there is still this epilogue that is after the end. Angry Birds Sling into Fury will be coming.


  • Nevrade Entertainment's name is a combination of "Never" and "Made".
  • Storm the Castle is very similar to the gameplay of Angry Birds, so Rovio may have taken inspiration.
  • Nevrade Entertainment has an Instagram Account, which can be found here.


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