New Pork
New York Entre
General Info
Release Date: August 29, 2015
Levels: 30
Episode Number: 2
Previous Episode: In a Frost
Next Episode: Pig's on Stars
Game(s): Angry Birds: World

This episode is from the new series Angry Birds: World, it is the second one and the featured location is New Pork (a pun to New York), a town rulled by the Pigs that took over the old town of New York.


King Pig gets to New Pork and the birds follow him, there, two pollice pigs arrest them in the town's underground.

At New York Sewers they meet the Boomerang Bird arrested there.

They crash to New Pork in level 2-11 and start to fight in New Pork, after this, King Pig enters a strange door and the birds follow him...


  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Terence
  • Boomerang Bird
  • Mightly Eagle (if payed).


Sewers-1 Terence, Bomb, Chuck, Terence (Bird Tutorial: Terence/Metal, Bomb, Chuck) (Cutscene: Intro)

Sewers-2 Red, Chuck, Bomb (Bird Tutorial: Red)

Sewers-3 Red, Terence, Red

Sewers-4 Terence, Chuck, Red

Sewers-5 Hal, Red, Chuck (Bird Tutorial: Hal) (Cutscene: Hal)

Sewers-6 Hal, Hal, Hal

Sewers-7 Red, Red, Red

Sewers-8 Chuck, Chuck, Chuck

Sewers-9 Bomb, Bomb, Bomb

Sewers-10 Terence, Terence, Terence

New York-11 Terence, Bomb, Chuck (Bird Tutorial: Terence/Outdoor Shine Blocks) (Cutscene: Into The City)

New York-12 Chuck, Bomb, Chuck

New York-13 Hal, Chuck, Terence

New York-14 Red, Hal, Chuck

New York-15 Chuck. Hal, Hal

New York-16 Hal, Red, Hal

New York-17 Hal, Chuck, Hal

New York-18 Red, Chuck, Red

New York-19 Hal, Terence, Red

New York-20 Hal, Bomb, Terence

New York-21 Hal, Bomb, Hal

New York-22 Hal, Terence, Hal

New York-23 Terence, Bomb, Terence, Hal

New York-24 (a.k.a. Stark) Terence, Bomb, Hal

New York-25 Red, Chuck, Hal, Chuck, Red

New York-26 Hal, Hal, Chuck (Cutscene: The Shadow of the Pig)

New York-27 (a.k.a. NY Giants) Terence, Terence, Bomb, Chuck, Bomb

New York-28 Chuck, Chuck, Hal

New York-29 Bomb, Bomb, Terence

New York-30 Red, Chuck, Bomb, Hal, Terence (Bird Tutorial: Terence/Cloud) (Cutscene: Leaving NY)





  • Boomerang Bird is at the underground level 2-5.
  • A Mini-boss of New Pork is the cop who arrested the birds into the sewers. He faces the birds at level 10
  • King Pig is at the top of Empire State Building, where the boss level happens.
  • Metal is the main block in this episode. Exclusive Outdoor Shine Blocks are seen sometimes. Clouds are only seen in the last level.
    • Wood, Ice, Glass, Snow, Stone and Sand aren't seen.
    • Level 24 has letters S, A, & K from Stark in Metal and T, & R from Stark in Outdoor Shine Blocks
    • Levek 27 was NY in Metal and Giants in Outdoor Shine Blocks
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