The Next Generation Angry Birds is a new group of birds a few years after the original group. They consist of six birds, each with their own power and personality. Though, I guess that should be expected.

(All the art below was made by me)




Lago is the new leader of this new group of birds. Out of all the birds, his personality is mostly the same as Red's. However, he still has a personality of his own. Generally, he's calm, mostly underneath a tree, relaxing or reading a book. However, he can still get angry very easily, and in that case, ruins the rest of his day. His special ability is laser vision. When he gets angry, the glasses he wears generate a light beam that can pop any bad piggy that comes near him.

Adien and Ethan

Ethan & Adien

These two are twins, and are closely related to the Blues. The only thing different about them are their appearances and personalities. Adien has green eyes, while Ethan has dark blue eyes. Another thing about them is that Adien can get irritated easily, and mostly for dumb reasons. On the other hand, Ethan is super cheery a lot of the time and likes to play around with the other birds. Their ability is to attack pigs with nun-chucks they found on the shore of the beach.



Ezra likes to be quiet most of the time. However, he is usually near pig city, spying on the pigs just in case they are up to anything. Though, when he is near the other birds, he likes to joke around with them. Ezra's power is that when he gets launched into the sky, and when he is falling down onto the pig's fortress, he immediately slams into the structure.



Out of all the birds, Nigel is the most cowardly. He doesn't enjoy being shot into the air, or the fact that the birds and pigs always want to destroy each other. Usually, when it's his turn to be slingshot-ed, he tries to make an excuse, which doesn't always turn out well for him. To calm himself down, he likes to go to the waterfall and just listen to the water sounds that come from it. Even though he doesn't like to use it, his ability is that when he is shot into the sky, he tries to stop from flying in the air, moving his entire body around in the process. Therefore, it makes whatever he touches while shaking shake as well, causing it to tumble.



Sophia isn't too fond of the other birds. To her, most of them are annoying except for Lago and Ezra. Though, she doesn't dislike them per say. She enjoys to be in her own tree, and since she is an owl, she is awake a lot at night. Sophia is generally cheery, but she doesn't like to be bothered when she's sleeping or doing something important. As for her ability, since she's an owl, she can make a really loud "whoo," and it will demolish any structure in it's path.


Geting Ready

Nigel isn't too sure about getting shot into the air.

(OLD) Group Birds

First ever picture of these birds Date made: March 19, 2019

(OLD) Comic

Old comic with Ezra and an egg Date made: March 22, 2019

(OLD) Buddies

Lago and Nigel just hanging out, I guess Date made: March 21, 2019

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