Ninja World is the first Episode of Angry Birds Ninja - TV.
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The Title Card.


  • (Angry Birds Ninja TV text appears)
  • (Title Card appears)
  • Red Bird: Another day with my friends.
  • Ice Bird: What is that?
  • Yellow Bird: An old house; HEY, GUYS, COME HERE!
  • (French Bird comes, as a funny part of the Episode)
  • French Bird: Que voulez-vous? (What would you like?)
  • Yellow Bird: Err...nous avons trouvé une vieille maison. (We have found an old house.)
  • French Bird: C'est ma maison! Il est si vieux, certains disent des choses bizarres se produisent à l'intérieur! (That is my house! It is so old, some say weird things happen inside!)
  • Yellow Bird: Merci! Y at-il autre chose dont nous avons besoin de savoir avant de nous pencher à l'intérieur? (Thanks! Is there anything else we need to know before we look inside?)
  • French Bird: Oui! Soyez prudent! Certains oiseaux font des pièges à l'intérieur de là-bas. Et parfois, les oiseaux disparaissent mystérieusement! (Yes! Be careful! Some Birds make traps inside there. And sometimes, Birds mysteriously go missing!)
  • Yellow Bird: Merci! Que faisiez-vous? (Thanks! What were you doing?)
  • French Bird: Juste en regardant les nuages​​, ici aux USA. (Just watching the clouds here in the US.)
  • Yellow Bird: Ca semble intéressant! Au revoir! (Sounds interesting! Goodbye!)
  • French Bird: Au revoir! Peut-être que nous pourrions voir les uns les autres une autre fois! (Goodbye! Maybe we might see each other another time!)
  • Yellow Bird: Peut-être! (Maybe!)
  • Red Bird: Who was that?
  • Ice Bird: Some French Bird.
  • Red Bird: I only know 1 word in French.
  • Yellow Bird: What is it?
  • Red Bird: Bonjour. (Hi.)
  • (Flock comes)
  • Boomerang Bird: We are here! Say...what is THIS!? (Goes into house)
  • Red Bird: DON'T!
  • (Boomerang Bird is gone)
  • Red Bird: We need to save him! (Goes into house with other Birds)
  • (They are sent to a different world)
  • French Bird: Yellow Bird? Où êtes-vous? (Yellow Bird? Where are you?)
  • Red Bird: AAAAAAAAAH! (Crashes on floor)
  • Red Bird: Where am I?
  • (Credits appear)
  • (Song plays)
  • (Red Bird appears with the words "Redbird07 Films")
  • ("Hawaii Matrix Films" appears)
  • (Twentieth Slingshot logo appears)
  • (Episode Ends)


Super Pig Part 1-1
Angry Birds Hawaii Matrix Films Logo
20th Slingshot

Twentieth Slingshot but in the episode appears as Twentieth Slingshot Television

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