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Not So Angry Birds Premieres

S1P: Avabird/CSI: Angry Birds/iBirdie

S1F: Source Bird/Bird Wars Episode 1: The Pigtom Menance/Firebird

S2P: Not So Angry Rio Birds Bloopers/Bird Lantern/Terrance The Tank Engine/Unstoppable: Even To The Birds

S2F: iBirdie 2/Chroni-Bird/Late Night With Red: Hulk Bird/Pigs Get SMASHed

S3P: The Iron Giant Bird/The Iron Pink Bird/Bird Wars Episode 5: The Pig Empire Strikes Back /Rasing Eggs

S3F: Late Night With Red: George Birdington/Terrance: Pig Hunter/Not So Angry Star Wars Birds Episode 0: A Funny Hope

S4P: Birdcoln/King Kong Pig/Late Night With Red: Rainbow Dash Bird/Chuck And Bernstein


  1. Trick Or Tweet (Twitter Crossover)
  2. Seasons Meetings
  3. Hogs And Hersheys Kisses (Hersheys Crossover)
  4. Go Cee Lo Green, Get Fame (Cee Lo Green Guest Stars)
  5. Not So Angry Rio Birds (Celebration Of Angry Birds Rio)
  6. Faster Eggs (Fast And Furious Crossover)
  7. Bummer Pignic
  8. Hell-o-ween (Gordon Ramsey Guest Stars)
  9. Gecko The Halls (Gieco Gecko Guest Stars
  10. Year Of How To Train Your Dragon (How To Train Your Dragon Crossover)
  11. Cherry Blossom, Bubbles, And Buttercup (Powerpuff Crossover)
  12. Not So Angry Space Birds (Celebration Of Angry Birds Space)
  13. Pig Lantern (Green Lantern Crossover)
  14. Men In Black To School (Men In Black Crossover)
  15. Haunted Blogs
  16. Not So Angry Star Wars Birds
  17. Winter Wonderhamboneing (Regular Show Crossover)