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Not So Funny, Bunny is an Angry Birds Seasons 5 episode that is an Easter episode. The boss in this episode is the helmet pig, and the uberboss is King Pig. It has 20 levels,1 golden chocolate and 2 golden eggs. This episode came out on March 25, 2018. 


  • Red Bird

  • Blue Bird

  • Yellow Bird

  • White Bird

  • Black Bird

  • Green Bird

  • Orange Bird

  • Pink Bird

  • Terence


  • Small Pig

  • Medium Pig

  • Normal Pig

  • Moustache Pig

  • Helmet Pig (Normal boss)

  • Fat Pig

  • King Pig (Uberboss)

Golden Eggs + Chocolate[]

Golden Egg 1 - level 1-7: Destroy the candle under the slingshot with the black bird. You will get the golden egg.

Golden Egg 2 - level 1-18: Destroy the grass right behind the slingshot. The golden egg will fall from the sky.

Golden Chocolate: Get three stars on any level to unlock the bonus level.


  • There is a pun in Not So Funny, Bunny.