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Nuclear Block
Always explodes
Vital statistics
Type Block
Effects May damage Pigs nearby
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Cost to buy none
Cost to sell none
Nuclear Block

The Nuclear Block

Nuclear Block damaged 1

Nuclear Block Corpse

Nuclear Ball

The Nuclear Ball

The nuclear block is a block that explodes every 10 seconds. It may damage nearby pigs and structures nearby

Kinds of Nuclear Blocks[]

1. Long Nuclear Block

The normal nuclear block. It has a health of a stone block and it explodes every after 10 seconds.

How many hits before a bird could destroy it?

Red - 5 hits

The Blues - 25 hits (each)

Chuck - 4 hits

Bomb - 1 hit

Matilda - 2 hits

Egg Bomb - 1 hit

Hal - 3 hits

Terence - 1 hit

Bubbles - 1 hit

Stella - 3 hits

Note : This kind of Nuclear Block could not be destroyed by falling blocks, pigs or even TNTs. Only birds can destroy it

2. Square Nuclear Block

It is like the Long Nuclear Block but it is square and it explodes every 5 seconds but not affects structures and pigs nearby.

How many hits before a bird can destroy it?

Red- 50 hits

The Blues - 150 hits per bird

Chuck- 40 hits

Bomb - 1 hit

Matilda - 50 hits

Matilda's Egg Bomb - 1 hit

Hal- 10 hits

Terence- 1 hit

Bubbles- 5 hits

Stella- 20 hits

Note: Explosive Birds is the weakness of this block

3. Nuclear Ball

This kind of nuclear block is just like the Long Nuclear Block but it is circle and it can roll

How many

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