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Alex the Nuke Bird
General Info
Powers huge nuclear explosion
First Level Appearance: It's fanon
Gender: Male
Species: Yellow-cheeked Greater Antillean Bullfinch
Locations: It's fanon
Strength: Strong
Size: Regular

Nuke Bird is a bird. He is possibly Bomb modified to be stronger, explode instantly, create a mushroom-like explosion and be regular-sized. He can break anything, anything including a part of the ground (structure or natural) he explodes on. He has a big explosion.


Alex can be used to break a lot of ice, most wood and average amount of stone. Once he hits one, his ability starts, the structure may tip over, some parts may break and most pigs will be forced off. He can also bomb pieces of ground structures thin enough for a complete tunnel for birds to pass through.


Ground that is thick enough will make Alex useless and only create holes; a majority of Nuke Birds is needed to create a full tunnel for other birds to pass, and approximately 50 groups of 15 Nuke Birds are required to break down the whole fortress including the rest of the ground structures.