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Oinkella Oinker
General Info
Powers None
First Level Appearance: Theme 200-200
Gender: Female
Species: Pig
Locations: Angry Birds
Strength: Normal
Size: Normal

Oinkella it's a female pig living in Queen Pig's city.She's the most beutifull female pig and have a house most more modern that the other pigs.


His house (in Angry Birds Toons 2) it's the same like all the pigs,just more modern.Sometimes,his house looks actually diferent.

Game Apperance[]

In Angry Birds his house looks like a big villa.It's made from strong blocks and it's VERY,VERY,VERY AND EXTREMLY HARD to destroy it.He also two have helmet pig gwards in tne house entrance.It's also metalic gates witch a secret code to enter.Sometimes,his house make King Pig jelaus.Because of that King Pig gives to Qeen Pig and Oinkella gigantic cakes.(sometimes Oinkella don't want the offer becuse he make a diet)


  • Throuch,she's love interst of all the minion pigs and corporal pig.The onlylest ones that he doesn't loves her it's King Pig.
  • He have only one really love interest,Oinken.
  • Even throuch King Pig do not have any love interests on her,King Pig want to be friends,just because to give him a piece of here house to make the birds even harder to defeat him.
  • She have realitivites witch Qeen Pig,this meaning he's blue bloodied.
  • He have electronic devices,snice Iphone,Ipad and more.
  • He is not paying antention to eat the eggs.(Red's Best Moment,Happy Birthday Oinkella!)
  • When she's next to Red he fears that he will beat her.(Red's Best Moment)
  • He is the onlylest pig that do not got been beaten.(Exept in Gone Everyone!, he was very shocked by King Pig discuised as a Black Ghost.)