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Old Blue Bird is a strong bird that has the power to explode (but this time the explosion is purple, the corpse appears before the explosion, and doesn't affect the fortress but kills all pigs).


He is an old blue bird with no body/wings/feet. He is similar to an old blue color blob from Club Penguin.

Old Blue Bird Sprites

Sprite Sheet.


He explodes violet and kills all pigs although it doesn't affect the fortress, and shows a "Burst Meter" and when it fills up to 100%, you will receive an "Ultimate Destruction" highscore and an icon of an old blue feather at the top left hand corner of the level icon you played it in.


  • He is a signaled bird, similar to the Mighty Eagle and the Mighty Dragon, and has an old blue ball which is the bait and after launched, it then vanishes, goes back to the slingshot and turns into the Old Blue Bird itself.
  • Even though he is Old Blue, in the Chrome version, the feathers that pop out after being a corpse are aqua, and in the Rio version, the feathers that pop out after being a coprse are navy.
  • He is very strong, and his famous name is OldB.
  • Even though he looks young, he is old.
  • He went through negative and rebellious ages, similar to the Red Bird, but he was light blue when he was in his negative age, and in his rebellious age, he was normally blue, and now he's old blue.
  • He has a Space Version which is a white bird with a black mask, and his corpse sprite remains but this time it is a white bird with a black mask and grey dot on the head, and his explosion is silver with "WHITE" as the word written on it instead of "BLUE", and now affects the building.
    Old Blue Bird Space

    Space Version.