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The Oogieloves are an ancient race of arachnoid humanoids who were once the dominant species on Piggy Planet. They serve as the antagonistic species of Piggy Island Warriors. The most feared tribe, the Cidapiti, started a war on which tribe will be the dominant species. There is this one colossal Oogielove with no affiliation of any tribe called the Powerful Gulper, which they worship like it's a god. After all tribes were united, Toofie was the official Oogielove King, who was replaced by his second-in-command Qoorie.



While the true origin of the Oogieloves may never be revealed, they were an evil race of human-like creatures. They attempted to take over the world by releasing the Powerful Gulper, which they succeeded at thousands of years later. Their next step of world domination was to make every individual into an Oogielove.



After being united by Toofie, the Oogieloves went of a quest to find the five Bronze Weapons in order to release the Powerful Gulper. They established a lair after unity.



The Cidapiti were supposedly the strongest and most feared tribe. They had purple skin and the ability to turn invisible. They were also the ones who started the war on which tribe would be the dominant species. Toofie, the General, was the sole survivor, until he was eventually eaten by the Powerful Gulper. As Toofie was the only survivor before to his death, the names and appearances of the lower-ranked members are unknown.


The Kamikano had blue skin and the power of hypnosis. However, their hypnotism will only work of one makes direct eye contact with them. If a Kamikao's hypnotism hits a reflective surface, the waves bounce back and the Kamikano becomes hypnotized themselves.


The Gatema had red skin and, if one is bitten by them, they were to gradually transform into an Oogielove.


The Regonimous had orange skin and were known for being the physically strongest, as well as having the best digging skills. On the other hand, they were generally less intelligent than other tribes.


The Thinabon had green skin and had the ability to spray hallucigen-inducing acid. Although their acid is their biggest pro, it does eventually wear off, albeit after several hours. When united with the other tribes, they provides most of the transportation.


The Lamonip had yellow skin and had the ability of flight.

Tribal Ranks (lowest to highest)[]


  • The Oogieloves were originally supposed to be the antagonistic faction of a sequel to Angry Birds Epic: Uprising. When it was decided that the game would have no sequel, they were repurposed for Piggy Island Warriors.