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Orange Multiplying Bird
Orange Multi 2
General Info
Powers 5 more birds appear when tapped
First Level Appearance: Angry Birds Food Bash! Food fight!!!!
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Locations: Many Since Food fight!!!!
Strength: Medium
Size: Medium

The Orange Multiplying Bird is a bird just like Blue Bird, but multiplies 2 times more than Blue Bird. He first appears in Angry Birds Food Bash.



  • All six birds are friends with Blue Bird.
  • Sissy is the only female Orange Multiplying Bird.


The bird was a bird that lives in the food island in Angry Birds Food Bash! along with 5 other birds that looked like him. Once all 6 birds saw the Blues fighting, they decided to join.


Pull Back: Caek!

Launch: Arrooock!!

Corpse: Cak! Ork! Ek!