These characters are not bird-like Pokémon or even birds, but are still used as projectiles in Angry Birds: Pokemon .

Non-Bird Pokemon

These characters are Pokemon, but are not based off birds and do not have pyrokinetic abilities.

  • Dewott flies in a continuous straight line with Razor Shell, but stops when it hits an indestructable wall. However, it is able to break through even a wall of stone squares with ease
  • Pikachu also flies in a continuous straight line, and does so with Volt Tackle. It stops when it hits a wall tougher than wood.
  • Turtwig uses Razor Leaf while it flies.
  • Arbok shoots four balls of poison from its mouth. Said balls of poison always kill pigs instantly and break wood instantly, no matter what their durability is.
  • Seviper chomps part of the structure. Said chomp instantly traps pigs, ice, and wood; though stone and TNT will cause Seviper to spit out any pigs and blocks consumed, the victims will be destroyed otherwise.
  • Drapion explodes, releasing a huge ball of poison that destroys all pigs and normal blocks trapped inside.

Guest Characters

These characters are not Pokemon and do not have pyrokinetic abilities.

  • Nyan Cat flies in a continuous straight line and does not stop until it goes completely off-screen. However, its range is small.
  • Sonic and Tails are the most complicated characters. Tails carries Sonic in a straight line, which Tails can cancel with his blaster. When released, Sonic can perform homing attacks.


These characters are VERY good against wood due to their ability to create fire.

  • Mario shoots fireballs that are affected by gravity.
  • Luigi shoots fireballs that are not affected by gravity.
  • Guess what Bowser does.
  • Captain Falcon uses FALCON... PAWNCH!
  • Ness uses PK Fire.
  • Jigglypuff uses Flamethrower.
  • Charizard uses Fire Blast.
  • Ho-oh uses Sacred Fire.
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