Otoh Gunga was an idea for the first episode in Angry Birds Star Wars: The Prequel Story. It featured Qui-Gon Bird, Obi-Wan Bird, Jar-Jar Bird, Gungan Pigs, and Sea Monster Pigs.


Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan have escaped the evil clutches of the Bacon Federation and are on Naboo. During their visit, they meets Jar-Jar Birds and travel to Otoh Gunga. There they are granted a bongo (to get to The Naboo) but must go through the core of the planet! Will they survive the trip?


The background is watery, and the gameplay is like Piglantis. You launch a bird and it curves upward, based on the fact that you're underwater. Also, sea monsters can survive when impailed twice (luckily, you have 3 Qui-Gons, but with birds in between). And in the final 20 levels, the slingshot is on a bongo.

Release Date

This episode will never be released. Why, you may ask? Because the Gungans were pigs. The Gungans are good guys, so it made no sense.

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