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Parody Dimension
General Info
Release Date: September 10,2015
Levels: 5
Episode Number: Tutorial
Previous Episode: None
Next Episode: None
Game(s): Angry Birds Heaven Aviators

Parody Dimension is the Tutorial Episode of Angry Birds Heaven Aviators


Level Difficulty 3 Star Difficulty Location(s) Boss Location No. Of Areas Starting No. of Birds Approximate Stage Timer Boss Timer No. of Stages Boss Enemy(ies) 3 Star Score
T-1 Very Easy Very Easy Futuristic Toy Mall At the Roof of the Mall A and B ∞ (Infinite) 6 Minutes 4 Minutes 25 Dancing Animal, Infancy Core, The Radioactive Kids, Bionic Baby Pig 50,000
T-2 Easy Easy Candyland In Glucose Nebula A,B and C 40 5 Minutes 2 Minutes 15
T-3 Very Easy Easy The Moon and Japanese Nature
T-4 Easy Moderately Easy
T-5 Easy Moderately Easy Plasma Volcanic Planet