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Peace Achieved
General Info
Release Date: June 23, 2027
Levels: 45
Episode Number: 13
Previous Episode: Lonely Skies
Next Episode: Golden Eggs
Game(s): Angry Birds (classic)

Peace Achieved is the final episode in Angry Birds (classic).


Realizing that their numbers were falling in the attempts to steal the eggs and being killed by birds, the pigs give up and decide to make peace with the birds. Only 3 pigs were still trying to get the eggs: Corporal Pig, Chef Pig, and King Pig. The birds and pigs must stop the remaining pigs from capturing and eating the eggs.

Protagonists ("Good Guys")[]

  • Red Bird - screams
  • Blue Bird - splits into 3
  • Yellow Bird - speeds up
  • Black Bird - explodes
  • White Bird - drops egg bomb
  • Boomerang Bird - goes backwards
  • Big Brother Bird - heavy
  • Orange Bird - inflates
  • Pink Bird - blows bubbles
  • Minion Pig - uses tongue as a grappling hook
  • Foreman Pig - throws dynamite (same power as in Angry Birds Go!)
  • Freckled Pig - locks on a target by riding his plane
  • Fat Pig - bounces off the structure 2 times because of obesity

Antagonists ("Bad Guys" or "Baddies")[]

  • Corporal Pig
  • Chef Pig
  • King Pig


  • After this update, Red's Mighty Feathers became non-sequential.