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Peter is a blue toucan from tropig island . He has his own flock.

Character "quote"

"We are birds, we can do anything "

- Peter


Peter was born on Tropig Island, when he was 17 he made his own flock starting with his friends Ella , Lav, and Jack. Others soon joined such as spring, shadow, and Vincent

They soon decided to move to Piggy Island, they met reds flock there.

Peter's Flock

Peter has his own flock featuring 11 birds. Shadow, Ella , Vincent, Spring, Sunny, Bert, Matt, Lav, Owen, Meg, and Jack.



Peter seems to be good friends with ella and has lots of interactions with her


Peter and Shadow seem to be good friends.

his flock

the rest of his flock are good friends with him.


Peter and Red go on many spying missions and in general, are good friends.


Peter seemed to act very excitedly when he learned another toucan , Hal, lived on the island.


Not much to say but he was pranked by silver and they don't seem to hate each other

The rest of reds flock

He's good friends with the whole flock


  • He's one of my first OC birds
  • He looks like another blue toucan from one of concept drawings, named Alex
  • Originally, Shadow was going to be Peter's evil nemesis, but that was changed
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