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Pigdestroyer: Automata


Rovio Studios

Production companies

Columbia Pictures
Universal Pictures

Music by

John Paesano
Junkie XL (original music composed by Ari Pulkkinen and Keiichi Okabe)

Based on

characters created by Rovio
Nier: Automata by Yoko Taro

Running time

159 minutes

Pigdestroyer: Automata is a science-fiction action film produced by and starring Damien Tran. It is the 20th installment of the Angry Birds franchise and is set in Angry Birds Movie Universe. The movie is based on the Angry Birds franchise and the video game Nier: Automata.


After the events of APigcalypse, Johnny Pigdestroyer, leader of the Slingshot Strike Force, must set out on a mission to rid the world of new machines created by Corporal Pig until facing off against Corporal Pig himself.


Damien Tran as

2B's voice, with Kira Buckland reprising her role, some through archival audio from the game and its DLC, the level with the same name as the movie, appears as the voice in Johnny's head throughout his mission.


A sweepstakes was established to promote the film. To enter, one must be 18 years or older, play a special mode on Nier: Automata on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC, the Pigdestroyer mode, play until the end of the mode, wait for the end credits to end for the code that appears, then type in the code in the website.

2 Grand Prize winners: Two tickets for the premiere of Pigdestroyer: Automata in IMAX at Universal Cinema in Universal CityWalk at Universal Studios Hollywood, four Universal Express passes for Universal Studios Hollywood, a pre-order of the movie on Blu-Ray, $10,000, a copy of Nier: Automata - Pigdestroyer Edition on a system of their choice signed by Tran, and the soundtrack of Pigdestroyer: Automata also signed by Tran.

20 First Prize winners: Four tickets for a screening of their choice of Pigdestroyer: Automata in Dolby Cinema, RPX, Prime, 4DX, or IMAX after its release date (Two tickets for either Dolby Cinema or IMAX showings of the movie for the remaining 10), a digital copy pre-order for the movie (for all the winners), $5,000 (for the first 10 winners), and a copy of Nier: Automata - Pigdestroyer Edition on a system of their choice signed by Tran (for six winners; the rest of the winners will receive a copy of the game without the signature).

30 Second Prize winners: Two tickets for a screening of their choice of Pigdestroyer: Automata in 2D after its release date (2D or 3D for the first 10 people) and $2,000 (for the first 10 people)


  • To keep up with the game that inspired it, which is rated M, the movie has an R rating from the MPAA, making it the second movie to do so following the extended version of Elite's Revenge.
  • Some elements and scenes from the game are removed from the movie to follow up with the 2 hour and 39 minute runtime.
  • This is the 4th time there is no number in the title after The Angry Birds in Vegas, The Angry Birds Into Darkness, and Angry Birds House Down.
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