One day Pig King Henry the 3rd was bored, and wanted money so he decided to create the Pig Lotto (Now Called Piggy Lottery). Many Piggies were skeptical, mainly cause it was a new thing and unlike nowever days they pigs dont blindly believe King Pig. But they had good reason to be Skeptical Due to the fact that Pig King Henry the 3rd rigged it……

The Riggening

Pig King Henry the 3rd thought of an idea to rig the Lotto however he was afraid if they pigs found out. However NavyBird found out from an Unknown Source, so he rigged it causing Pig King Henry the 3rd's Assasination……

Current State of Pig Lottery

It's doing very well and now has many different variations.


the first known receipt the ORIGINAL was scrapped and all of the others were vandalised by NavyBird and rigged.

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