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this is a game like pvz but you use the pigs


chef pig was about to do king pigs cake but

he heard the zombies where coming he

went to warn the pigs


minion pig throws small pigs (as peashooter)

helmet pig takes 50 bites before eating (as wall nut)

moustache pig throws hair at zombies (as garlic)

king pig gets hungry and eats zombies (as chomper)

fat pig dosent have a space helmet then go,s KABOOM! (as cherry bomb)

frekled pig has a vercile then  when a zombie gets to it it runs over them (as a lawnmower)

mechinic pig theows heavy spanners at zombies (as melon pult)

chef pig makes a cake shaped like a brain then throws it on the ground it takes 30 bites before eated

stipid pig bumbs its head of zombies (as beet)

fun pig makes zombies go to eat zombies (hypno shroom)