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Pigtopia is a chapter in the original Angry Birds game.


The birds have discovered that the eggs are missing again and so is Chuck and the Blues while King Pig, Corporal Pig, Foreman Pig and other minions fly away in hot air balloons holding Chuck and the Blues as hostage. At the first 4 levels, you get to try out Mage Bird. The Propeller Cap Pig first appears on level 8 of the first stage.


  • At the end on the final 3 stages of the level, King Pig appears in a huge Hot Air Balloon that if popped, explodes.
  • On the last level of the first stage, King Pig appears in an airship with Foreman Pig who is wearing a Aviator hat.
  • On the 3rd stage level 7, there are 3 bomb thrower pigs flying on fans

Pigs, Blocks and items[]

  • Propeller Cap Pig - hovers in circles using a propeller cap.
  • Cloud Block - From Angry Bird Seasons, has the same properties: flies in the air and doesn't move and takes one hit to break.
  • Fan - Blows birds upwards or downwards depending on what angle it's facing much like the ones in Angry Birds Star Wars.
  • Rocket Pig - Holds a rocket that activates when a bird is close. The rocket operates similarly to those in Bad Piggies.
  • Bomb Thrower Pig - Looks a lot like Corporal Pig except he is very weak and has a red helmet. Throws a single bomb when a bird is close and will continue to do so every time another is launched until popped.
  • Jet Pack Pig - Will try to avoid birds that come near him and if hit, (much like Boba Fett from angry birds star wars) will fly crazily until flies off screen or smashes into an object then explodes and pops.
  • Plane - The Plane will fly up and down and left and right across the screen slowly. The cockpit usually has a pig operating the plane. If hit enough times, the engine will malfunction and smoke will start coming out of the plane causing the plane to fall.
  • Aviator Hat - Pig will wear this hat sometimes.
  • Corporal Pig
  • King Pig
  • Foreman Pig
  • Minion Pig