This bird can shoot bubbles that can move objects upwards and ACTUALLY IGNORE GRAVITY F
Pink Bird Official

Official Artwork

ORCEFIELDS. The bubbles are sparkly looking and actually look more like jelly balls. She can shoot bubbles in midair. After a few seconds, the bubbles will pop, sending everything that was caught crashing down. You can tap anwhere on the building where Pink Bird can Her real name was Stella.


Stella is a free spirit who bounces to the beat of her own drum...actually, she bounces to the sound of her own
Party Cannon


singing. She's playful and full of energy. She can talk till the Angry Birds come home. She loves to scare all the pigs expect King Sombra the King Pig and Handsome Rogue the Freckled Pig...and did I mention she's in love with Bubbles AKA the Atomic Bird?

Likes: Giggling, making people laugh, inventing stupid, funny and silly songs with Bubbles, partying, being a chatterbox

Dislikes: Pigs

Note: She has no beak.


  • She was based on Pinkie Pie.
  • Her boyfriend is Bubbles the Orange Bird (Rotembo, as he is a different bubbles). Bubbles posted a picture on his profile which is captioned "Stella has finally agreed to be my girlfriend' and this will carry on in Space!
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