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Pink Pig
General Info
Powers None
First Level Appearance: Angry Birds Junior 1-5
Gender: Female
Species: Pig
Locations: Many since Angry Birds Junior
Strength: Weak
Size: Small

The Pink Pig is a pig appearing in Angry Birds Junior. They are the smallest and weakest pigs in the game. It is the most common species in Piggy Planet, even more common than the Green Pig, which is indigenous to Piggy Island. Although they debut in World 1-5 of ABJ, they are most commonly found in World 5. It is believed that all pigs on Piggy Planet used to be pink.




  • Before she underwent a mutation, Princess Pig used to be pink.
  • While Green Pigs are often male, Pink Pigs are often female.
    • In fact, the differences in color may or may not be sexual dimorphism.
      • This is further supported by the fact that Princess Pig was once pink.
  • Despite being the most common species on Piggy Planet, they are practically nonexistent on Piggy Island.
  • In one area of King Pig's Castle from Angry Birds Go!: Survival of the Fastest, there are jail cells containing Pink Pigs. This has lead to fans theorizing as to why the Pink Pigs are locked up.
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