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piper pig doing what he does best in Tiny Thief 4

The Piper Pig of HAMelin is the best flute-playing pig in the Piggie Universe. It plays the flute.


The Piper Pig appears randomly in Tiny Thief 4 and Abracabacon boss levels. It plays the flute magically. The Piper Pig is a mischievous pig that lures rats with its magical flute music to help the piggies steal eggs. It asks for payment in ham. The Piper Pig can be recognized by the amazing flute music and the silly hat. And of course the rats. 

Piper Pig's best friend and comrade in mischief is the Portal Master Pig .

Piper Pig of HAMelin


Playing the flute

Favorite food:

Ham & Eggs

Favorite Drink:

Piga Colada


Normal sound: Fliuruuuuflooooodilidoooooo

Rat luring flute sound: FliuruuuuflooooodilidooooooRATtoloooo

Pain sound: YNngrrh!