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Plague Bird
Plague Bird
General Info
Powers Infecting pigs and making them attack other pigs
First Level Appearance: None yet
Gender: Male
Species: Yellow-billed amazon
Locations: None yet
Strength: Medium
Size: Medium

Plague Bird is a bird that is free to use in games, but hasn't appeared in any yet.


Plague Bird (AKA Viram) wonders why he couldn't have been named something cooler, like Toxic Bird or Virus Bird.


Pull-back: Qwek...

Launch: QWEEEK...

Ability: (squishy explosion sound)

Hurt: qwek. (squish) qwook. (squish) qweeg. (squish)


  • Plague Bird was almost an extraterrestrial bird, but SCP found a bird that resembled him and made that his species.
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