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Quotation1 Grrr... Quotation2
— Plantra, when agitated.

Plantra is a mutant plant mass, who is the medic of Yoshipea's flock.


She's normally a druid who cares a lot about nature, and wants to protect it at all costs. However, if any pigs get in the way, then she'll get angry... really angry, to the point where she'll get insane and pop any pigs that get in her way.


She can use a grass whip to swing into pig defenses, much like Computerbirdy's grappling hooks. Here's the catch: She reels it in after one second, making the shot rather hard to aim for beginners. Advanced players are reccomended to use this bird to pick off important pigs.


  • She is based off of Planterra, a boss of Terraria that is based off of the band of the same name.
  • Her vine attack is just like the bosses vines, pulling her to it's location.
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