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Plarail Angry Birds (怒っている鳥のプラレール) Is a new toy lineup for the popular Plarail toy train system, which is manufactured by Rovio and Takara TOMY. The birds have single-speed motors and come with random Rolling Stock.


  • Red Bird (Red) - Comes with 2 small red trucks.
  • Blue Bird (Jay) - Comes with Jake and Jim.
  • Yellow Bird (Chuck) - Comes with 2 yellow passenger carriages.
  • Black Bird (Bomb) - Comes with Gunpowder wagon and Explosives van.
  • White Bird (Matilda) - Comes with 2 Egg Vans.
  • Green Bird (Hal, Boomerang) - Comes with 2 green boxcars and 4 boxes filled with boomerangs.


  • King Pig - Comes with Helmet Pig and Egg Nest.
  • Moustache Pig - Comes with 1 Medium  Pigand 1 Small Minion Pig.
  • Large Pig - Comes with 2 Small Minion Pigs.


  • Slingshot Launch:

Comes with:

  • Red Bird
  • Slingshot Track (Stop-Go Switch)
  • Layout of Track
  • Pig Fortress (Collapses if the bird hits it.)