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Poached Eggs is the 1st episode of Angry Birds: The Show


Red Bird

Blue Bird(s)

Yellow Bird

Bomb Bird

White Bird

Minion Pigs

Corporal Pig (debut)

Foreman Pig (old name "Grandpa Pig")


Episode starts at Pig Castle with Foreman Pig talking to the King Pig, Corporal Pig, & 4 Minion Pigs.

Foreman Pig: Okay, Minion Pigs, King Pig, Corporal Pig, over the last few years you have called me "Grandpa Pig" because of my moustache. But calling me that makes me feel, old. So I dicided to change my name to "Foreman Pig." Corporal Pig you renamed yourself from Helmet Pig to Corporal Pig and I am next.

King Pig: I think you should.

Corporal Pig: I did. I did change my name.

Foreman Pig: Okay then. The meeting has ended. Now let's have King Pig tell us what to do to steel the eggs.

Corporal Pig; Steel the eggs?

Minion Pig 1 & 2: What

Minion Pig 3 & 4: That was today?

King Pig: Calm down. Calm down. Now then, when you pigs were sleeping last night, I asked Foreman Pig to go to the parts store and buy some Wood, Glass, Ice, & Stone. Why you ask? Because to steal the eggs, you are going to make building to protect yourself. Now, go to the building room and build your buildings.

Scene changes to the Nest with Red, Chuck, The Blues, Bomb & Matilda.

Red: Ah, a beautiful day on Angry Birds Island. Isen't it Bomb.

Bomb: Yes, do you think it is Chuck?

Chuck: Yes, I do. What do you think Blue Jay?

Blue Jay: Perfect day, what about you Blue Jake?

Blue Jake: Sunny, perfect day. Blue Jim, what do you think?

Blue Jim: Yep. Matilda?

Matilda: Thank you Blue Jim, it is a beautiful day.

A helicopter flies over the nest

Blue Jay: Did it get dark in here?

Blue Jake: Yeah, did it?

Blue Jim: No, it's just that helicpoter.

The helicopter drops a anchor, the helicpoter flies away.

Red: Hey, let's go see what's over there.

The Flock (exept for Red): Okay.

A car that says "Pig Machine" pulls up by the nest. Foreman Pig walks out.

Foreman Pig: There they are.

Foreman Pig puts the eggs in the car, puts a note on the nest. The flock walks back.

Chuck: The eggs are gone! Holy bird seed the eggs are gone!

Red: Look theres a note.

Chuck: Well read it arleady.

Red: It says, "Dear Birds, If you want your eggs back, you have to destroy our buildings first. Signed, The Pigs."

Chuck: I knew it! It was the pigs. Now, let's go destroy those buildings.

Scene cuts to the building, with the pigs in it.

Minion Pig 1: You have reached Pig Tower

Minion Pig 2: You birds will...

Minion Pig 3: ...never pass this building, the building called...

Minion Pig 4: ...Pig Tower.

Foreman Pig: Your doom day is here.

Corporal Pig: I'm on TV tommorow!

King Pig: The eggs are staying with us pigs.

Red: Let's knock this down.

The birds fly at the building, knocking it down.

Minion Pig 2: You have passed.

The Pigs faint.

Red: Quick! Take the eggs.

The Birds take the eggs.

Red: Well, the eggs are back, and everything is normal.

Episode ends.


  • Foreman Pig changes his name.
  • This episode revels that Corporal Pig always wants to talk about the things he does.
  • The previous episode is Angry Birds.
  • The next episode is Mighty Hoax