Portal Bird is a bird with a long beak and appearance similar to Boomerang Bird's.


Starting since 2011, 3 extra chapters were added in Danger Above consisting of a stage similar to 6-4 (with Portal Bird instead of Boomerang Bird), a stage similar to 6-5 (with Portal Bird instead of Boomerang Bird) and a stage with a Rio cage which inside contains a golden egg and has 2 Portal BIrds and 1 Yellow Bird. These are 8-16, 8-17, 8-19, and Golden Egg #28 which consists of a minigame where you shoot Red Birds (moving the slingshot left and right by tilting the iOS/pressing the left and right arrow keys) and hit pigs; the only top-down level Angry Birds has.


Portal Bird can spin to turn into a portal that can suck EVERYTHING except the sun, the moon, the stars, the clouds, and all other natural sources. Its portal sucks even birds, the slingshot and other nonmovable objects used as structures for the pigs!

As he spins to turn into a portal, he doesn't move and is pinned to the background and spinning like a wheel that's spinning faster and faster.

Its ability makes a spiral effect to the whole game excluding static objects like buttons and other useful things Rovio attached to the game to redirect you somewhere, which leads to it having no corpse (he does the ability when it is the nearest non-colliding position).



  • Pull-back noise: Wawai!
  • Launch noise: Wuiwup!
  • Tap noise: Waaargh!!
  • Pain noises: Wai! Weep! Wukap!
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