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Not to be confused with Prince Porky.

Prince Pig is King Pig's spoiled little brother and a recurring character in the Angry Birds series. He first appeared in Angry Birds Galaxy. It is semi-common for someone to call a 5 in. King Pig plush a Prince Pig when they have an 8 or 12 in. King Pig plush.

He is playable in Angry Birds Frito's who he can destroy wood and glass with ease like Hal, and can repel objects up and down.

Prince Pig
General Info
Powers None
First Level Appearance: Angry Birds 2, Theme 12-15
Gender: Male
Species: Pig
Locations: Most ends of episodes
Strength: Medium
Size: Small


Personal Data[]

  • Name: Prince Piglet
  • Known Aliases: The Prince
  • Group Affiliation: Bad Piggies
  • Best Friend(s): Unknown
  • Family:
    • King Pig (Father)
    • Queen Pig (Mother)
    • Princess Pig (sister)
    • Prince Porky (Brother)
    • King Leonard Mudbeard (Grandfather)
    • King pig's Mother (Grandmother)
    • The great piggy Kings of the past (Ancestors)
    • VIPs ''very imortant pigs'' (distant cousins)
  • Voiced by: Saara Letonen


Prince Pig is summed up as a spoiled brat. When he doesn't get what he wants, he throws a temper tantrum. He also once made Chef Piggy get him a Happy Meal from McDonald's just so he could get the toy out of it. He can be a tattletale sometimes, for example; in Angry Birds Galaxy, he said he'd tell his brother on the Flock every time they beat him.


In Angry Birds Fritos, he has the same ability as Hal.