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Queen Pig
General Info
Powers Bite the birds with sharp teeth
First Level Appearance: Angry Birds: Captured.
Gender: Female
Species: Pig
Locations: Few
Strength: Between Moustache Pig and King Pig
Size: Large

Queen Pig is a pig that is slightly smaller than King Pig. She has really sharp teeth. Her husband is King Pig. When she bites a bird, it will become a corpse, while in Angry Birds Fritos in Pig Mode, the corpsed bird will slowly move out of the screen.

Queen Pig is the 6th pig in Angry Birds Medieval Times. In Angry Birds Medieval Times, she is the leader of the village. Queen Pig orders Wizard Pig and Sir Knight Pig to steal The Eggs.


  • Levels Queen Pig is in always have King Pig.
    • Except in Angry Birds Medieval Times, King Pig is not in that game.
  • She is slightly weaker than King Pig.
  • When she stole Orange Bird's gifts, Orange Bird was so sad and upset, she wasn't interested in his candy.
  • She is unlockable in Angry Birds: Captured.
  • She is playable in the final level in pigs army king pigs birthday world but only if your chosen gender is female if your chosen gender is male you go prince pig 
  • She is playable in Pig Mode in the game Angry Birds Fritos, which she bites structures and like King Pig, she destroys wood, glass and stone with ease.
  • She was planned to be playable in Angry Birds Go!: Survival of the Fastest, but got replaced by Shakira.