Question Box Bird is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Question Box Bird’s body is shaped like a Question Block from Super Mario. Question Box Bird’s design is heavily based off of one of the creator’s OCs, which was based off of a question block. This bird has a dark orange beak, large eyes and a long wavy bit of yellow hair on his head.



Question Box Bird was born to two unknown parents in Mushroom City, in the Mushroom Kingdom. They lived a happy life on the island until Question Box Bird turned 7. That is when his dad died. Question Box Bird couldn’t accept this and ran away and hid in the city. He met Avocado Bird who gave him the nickname “Query”. At the age of 9, he got into a fight with some pigs. He was stuffed inside a box and that box was put inside a plane.

When the plane departed, he was taken out. He eventually realised he was on Blazed Island. He found a home in a cave and lived there for ages.

Angry Birds: Blaze Blast

In Angry Birds: Blaze Blast, Question Box Bird meets the flock at the age of 12 when they rescue him from being used as an energy generator for a tank used by the pigs to destroy Bird Island. He assists the flock in stopping the plans of the pigs while they were on Blazed Island.

Angry Racers

In Angry Racers, Question Box Bird appears as a character. He has a purple car with purple boosters and a beak at the front. His super-power is temporary speed with an electric boost. However, Angry Racers was suddenly cancelled by SuperAngryBirdies, so Query never made an official appearance.

Angry Birds: The Machine Chronicles

In Angry Birds: The Machine Chronicles, Question Box Bird is the first Unlockable character. You name him after discovering him in The Bird Chamber. You unlock Query at the beginning of the game along with Red. In the game, you have the ability to alternate between the characters. Using either Query or Red, you can rescue Chuck and Matilda in the beginning and then go on to defeat the Metallic Pigs. Eventually, you take Query through a portal to the Pig Medieval Times, where King Pig tries to defeat you.


  • Question Box Bird has a positive relationship with the flock as the worked together to defeat the pigs in Angry Birds: Blaze Blast.
  • Question Box Bird has a one-sided relationship with Setro. Setro has a crush on Query, but he doesn’t like him back at all.
  • Question Box Bird has a slightly negative one-sided relationship with Marshal as they met briefly in Angry Birds: Blaze Blast. Query doesn’t really like Marshal’s sudden appearance.
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