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This article refers to Color Orb’s variation. To see other variations see Rainbow (Disambiguation).

Rainbow Bird is a bird master that taught the birds their abilities. He is unlockable in (almost) all platforms and games by typing a code you get from a Red Bird plush from Angry Birds: Shaolin Soccer.


Rainbow Bird.


It has 8 abilities, which means you have to tap 8 times. These are:


It screams "Ca-chow!!!" and "Ryaaaah!!!" like the Red Bird, but smashes up all glass.


It splits like the Blue Bird but 7 instead of 3 birds, all with one of his colors as theirs.


It speeds up, 2 times faster than the Yellow Bird.


It explodes but 2 times bigger effect than Black Bird.


It drops an explosive egg like the White Bird but 3 instead of 1.


It reverses locations but breaks stone because of his speed.


It yells "Gruff!!" like the Big Brother Bird, but smashes up both glass and wood.


It inflates like the Orange Bird, but much larger and deflates after 3 seconds instead of just a few.


It will zap lightning at the nearest pig, electrifying the pig. Works on lightly/normally/heavily guarded pigs because the lightning will pass through it. You can only use it in Birdday Party and you will have to wait for half an hour to use it.

Bonus: Transform[]

It will use out.


He is a rainbow square bird with hair similar to Azure Bird's and tail similar to Blue Bird, It also contains scarlet instead of indigo, which is found at the end of his body.


  • Pull-back noise: Sekrak!
  • Launch noise: Ikak!
  • Tap noise 1: Ca-cow!!! or Gyaaaah!!!
  • Tap noise 2: Biaop!
  • Tap noise 3: Kurrrrrrrt!!!
  • Tap noise 4: Kur!
  • Tap noise 5: Twak!
  • Tap noise 6: Gwaaah!
  • Tap noise 7: Gruff!
  • Tap noise 8: Ffffft!
  • Pain noise: Eow! Ow! Mak! Bip! Bap! Bop! Ruff! Urgh! Ir! Rugh! Pop! Eeerk! Oof! Gah!