Rainy is a male bird.


Rainy uses his umbrella to bounce back objects thrown by pigs. The same thing can be done with the structure, as Rainy can tip it over by opening his umbrella.


Even before he got his umbrella, Rainy loved it when it started raining. He would go outside when it rained even though there was a chance of him catching a cold. One day, he found an umbrella laying around. He didn't know who it belonged to, so he put it on his head, and he got his head feathers stuck. But that one little mishap gave him his most well known ability. Now he can play in the rain without getting soaked, he can deflect things with his umbrella, he can cause havoc to pig structures! His mom is just worried he'll go after her vase collection next..


Rainy is a go-getter, and he annoys a lot of his hatchling friends with his personality. He also likes to boast about his umbrella to others. Though he may seem like a bit much at first, Rainy is just as friendly as most birds, and he's one of the first to welcome you to the team. Unless if you are a pig...then he will constantly question you until he trusts you fully. It's safe to say he abuses his umbrella powers, because when he's really pumped he starts knocking things over for no reason. And he's been thinking of pestering his mom with this power of his...


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