Rappig is a pig created by ButterBlaziken230. He is the pig to have the biggest ears than any other pig on the wiki.


His most important factor are his purple ears with pink felt on the inside. The rest of him is purple, including his pupils, snout and skin. His ears are very important to him, being harder at the tops so he can crush things.


He was created when a pig married another pig. One of the pigs had an encounter with a group of rabbits, who attacked said pig and gave her a mark on her back. Eventually, she became pregnant with Rappig. Over time, the pregnant pig felt extreme pain and one day said that she felt like a bomb was in her stomach. When she gave birth, Rappig was half pig, half rabbit. She became extremely scared. Consequently, she and her wife fled. Rappig now is an orphan and she gets very depressed at times.

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