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Rapunzel Season 1
General Info
Powers Celestial Beam
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Gender: Female
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Locations: Mercury Island
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Size: Medium/Large

Rapunzel is a female bird. She is the angriest bird of all birds and pigs. She gets angry always and swings her tail to attack enemies. She doesn't get shy easily. She seems to despise Sylvia as she and her glare at each other.

Rapunzel was the former friend of Red until she abandoned him to be with Bubbles. She earned the nickname "Dream Bird" when she put the shining scarf to shine. She got obsessed with the disappearing of the mark in the moon and spends most of her time to find it. Part of her wants to blow up, but she is blinded by darkness (which is caused by Sylvia). She gets outraged and prideful. Mutiple attacks can make her very angry and she is gently cunning and stiff.

Dream Bird Fact File[]

What makes her angry?

When anyone insults her.


This Dream Bird is fast to run and yell loud.

Special Move

Celestial Beam