The Pigs

Non-Fanon Pigs are Pigs. They're made by Rovio.


Small Pig

They appear in many levels.

There the most common pigs ever.

Medium Pig

These pigs first appear in 1-5

Large Pig

Helmet Pig

Mustache Pig

King Pig

Female Pig

Fat Pig (only in Space)

Postman Pig

Miner Pig

Construction Pig

Chef Pig


  • Postman Pig appears when pause button is clicked/tapped, Miner Pigs appear in Mine and Dine, Construction Pig appears in the Big Setup, Chef Pig is only seen in Angry Birds commercials and comics and the cooking egg how-to book.
  • Female Pigs only appear in valtimes/Easter Pigs only appear in easter.


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