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Red's Metropolis


Rovio Comics

Main Characters


Red's Metropolis is a comic book,published by Rovio Comics under its Angry Birds Legends banner,making it non-canon to the Angry Birds Movie Universe. The story is "patterned" after the 1927 film Metropolis


In 3127,the city of Metropolis Las Redgas is divided between upper classes who live in luxury and lower classes who toil under harsh conditions. Red,brother of Terry,the apparent Master of Metropolis Las Redgas, becomes aware of the social inequality after meeting Rose,Red's sister who is a teacher of the undercity. He joins the workers to experience their daily lives, then begs his brother to improve their lot, but in vain. In reality the city is in thrall to the scientist Piggington,an old rival of Terry before the law of Las Redgas that divided the classes and changed the name was established.

Concerned about a potential revolution, Piggington identifies its leader,Rose, who prophesies about a coming savior who will reunite the city. Later, Piggington captures Rose and uses her to create a robotic duplicate which he names Bird-Destroyer 3000 that will lead the workers to their doom. Meanwhile, Red-discovered that he came from the Platinum Century,where The Century Sailor protected him until its destruction. Piggington, who discovered his powers while trying and failing to kill him along with his mother, blanked away his memories and blocked off his powers, turning him into a social drone.

As Bird-Destroyer 3000,disguised as Rose, leads the workers to a doomed rebellion,Red intervenes. He fights and defeats Bird-Destroyer 3000 by throwing her into a tank of molten steel. Meanwhile, Terry gets killed by Piggington,who the former sacrifices his life to save Red. Piggington is destroyed by Red after an intense battle. Red and Rose become the new, enlightened rulers of a reunited Metropolis Las Redgas



  • This is the second time Metropolis gets a crossover comic adaptation. The first was Superman's Metropolis.
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