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its red birds to fanon world

Red (Fanon)
General Info
Powers None
First Level Appearance: None
Gender: Male
Species: Northenal Cardinal
Locations: Angry Birds Toons 2 (sometimes)
Strength: Normal
Size: Normal

Red are NOT familar to the original Red Bird but his apperance are the same as Red Bird's.


He are very strong against any block/pig and he can make a powerfull hole in mindair to suck every pig/block around.He it's a mastered bird and it's puchasable for 2.00$ each


His plush version are the same as Red Bird ones.His plush are puchasable for 20.00$.

Early life[]

He hached in 1993.He lived many things and poped 18 932 pigs unti now only itself.He do not have any friends like the orginal Red Bird.In 2009 he go in the bird college to learn about how to beat the pigs eayser.He maried witch a lovely bird lady when he are 20 years old(now).He do not have any eggs yet,but he has a super gicantic class house(20 star ranked!)and a gicantic garden.He also have security sistems and strong gwards in his house and it's the best pig beater.He has many diferences betwen the original Red,an example he it's rige and the original Red not.


  • His apperance are the same as Red Bird but he have many diferences betwen the original Red Bird.How this strange qestionable thing appear it's uncknown.
  • Because of his apperance and name are the same at Red's sometimes this become very confuseable.
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