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General Info
Powers Blasts lasers from eyes 5 times or continously
First Level Appearance: {{{firstlevel}}}
Gender: Male
Species: Altered Northern Cardinal
Locations: Unknown(yet)
Strength: Medium
Size: Medium

Red, The Red LAZAHR Bird is a bird that first appeared in Angry Birds Dimensions. This coming year, he will be reappearing in a new game in early 2013. He is also the leader of The Altered Flock.

Powers And Abilities[]

Ever since alteration, he can fire lasers from his eyes continously for 5 secs and continue propelling itself forward,that is,but if you tap continously.If you hold however, he will fire continous rays of doom at the selected target and propell itself away from the balsted target.


Ever since alteration, he has three visible feathers on the top of his head. His tail feathers are also one of the longest among the other birds as they are a mixture of short blue feathers and longer black ones. The horizontal area of the eyes in his head is transparent. He has yellow triangular eyes. Unlike other birds, his eyebrows aren't connected anymore. But he's still pissed off, of course.


Personal Data[]

  • Name: Red
  • Known Aliases: Red Bird,Laser Bird
  • Group Affiliation:The Altered Flock
  • Best Friends:


  • His body frame is based on the original cinematic Red Bird.
  • LAZAHR is an abbreviation, but its meaning is yet to be seen.
  • Originally, he was only meant to propell itself away from the target once the lasers were fired.