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Red and His Elite Force





Red and His Elite Force is a TV series on Netflix which is served as both a continuation of Angry Birds High School and another prequel to The Angry Birds,with the TV show setting 6 years through 1 month before the events of the film. It is canon to the Angry Birds Movie Universe


Season 1

In September 2013, 2 years after Red's graduation from Angry Birds High School, a portal is built sending pigs from different dimensions onto Piggy Island. Red assembles an elite force to stop the threat with his sister Female Red and his friends, Matt Tilda,his brother John, and Usagi.

Season 2

In 2014-2015, a year and two after the first pigs are defeated,the portals at Piggy Island are multiplying,sending a new set of pigs into the island so Red and his Elite Force must stop them from taking over Piggy Island.

Season 3

In 2016,more trouble in Piggy Island as new portals are assembled, setting millions of pigs from different dimensions to plan to take over the world. The Elite Force headquarters will be destroyed in this season but the team surviving.

Season 4

In January 2017,4 years after fighting hordes of pigs and days after their original headquarters is destroyed and portals are built in its place,Red and His Elite Force move to Lucy's house as their temporary headquarters for the team. Lucy then teams up with the Elite Force to stop the pigs. This is followed by a return to Angry Birds High School in a special episode and a crossover with the characters from Lab Rats: Elite Force in the episode, Duel of the Elite Forces.

Season 5

In June 2017, Lucy helps the Elite Force restore and improve the Headquarters with new space,new workers,and a much taller infrastructure while more portals are built with new pigs coming in. Corporal Pig will be revealed to be the creator of the portals in this season. Starting with this season,Lucy accompanies the Elite Force and the title is changed into Sailor Red and His Elite Force as Red will become Sailor Red prominently.


Damien Tran as Red/Matt/John/Chuck/Female Red/Freckled/Corporal Pig (all seasons)/Elite (uncredited voice cameo, season 5)/DAVE 10,000, an A.I. machine created by Pearl (seasons 5-), DanganronPig, an executioner pig who Corporal Pig teams up with and the secondary antagonist (season 5-)

Rebecca Shoichet as Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Red and John's friend from Angry Birds High School who got out of retirement to become Sailor Moon (all seasons)

Tara Strong as Stella (all seasons)

Cherami Leigh as Lucy, Red's friend from Angry Birds High School (seasons 4-)

Kira Buckland as Pearl, a bird who specializes in supplying the Elite Force with new weapons in the improved Elite Force Headquarters and the creator of the Dave 10,000 (seasons 5-)


  • In creating this series, Tran cites Lab Rats: Elite Force and Sailor Moon as primary influences. Also influenced throughout the series include the Nanoha series,Star Wars,Shantae,War of the Worlds,RoboCop,Mad Max,etc.
  • Everything about the DAVE 10,000, from appearance to voice, resembles the computer character HAL 9000 from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. Coincidentally, the Dave 10,000 is named after David Bowman from the same movie. Tran also cites 2001 as an influence on the series.
  • The series starts out as a dark, Titans-style series for seasons 1-2, despite a TV-Y7 FV rating. As the series goes on, it gradually gets lighthearted with some dark moments.
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