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Red and Sally Bollywood: Super Detectives
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Red and Sally Bollywood: Super Detectives is a crossover of Red: Super Detective and Sally Bollywood,in a temporary revival of the latter, that will air on ABC in Australia,Cartoon Network in the US,and Disney Channel in France. It will also air on NBC with new footage that is not shown on the three channels. It is declared non-canon to the Angry Birds Movie Universe,even though it takes place in the Red: Super Detective timeline.


When Red and Female Red try to catch a pig,they fall into a portal and got transported to Cosmopolis,where they meet a girl detective from Little Bombay and her partner and solve already solved crimes together.


Damien Tran as Voices of Red,Bad Piggies,Johnny Pigdestroyer/Mr. Soldienpig,and Freckled

Alyson Stoner as Voice of Female Red

Niki Yang as Voice of Sally Bollywood

Eve Morey as Voice of Doowee McAdam

Keith Scott as Voice of Harry Bollywood

Noël Wells as Constance Smith/Miss Chicago

Tara Strong as Voice of Sandra Ochiaperridi (from Sandra the Fairytale Detective)

Ariel Winter as Voice of Female Red of the A.B.B.P.E.S.S.F (NBC and Theatre versions)


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