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A TV show from the pigs's piont of view.


King Pig.

Freckled Pig.

Mechanic Pig.

Moustache Pig.

Chief Pig.

Small Pig.

Large Pig.

Stromtropper Pig. (AB Star Wars)

Drath Vader Pig. (AB Star Wars)

Red Bird. 

Blue Birds.

Yellow Bird.

Black Bird.

White Bird.

Orange Bird.

Pink Bird.


Season 1[]

1. Road Hogs. The Pigs get an annoying tank.

2. Surf And Turf. The Pigs trap the Blue Birds in a TNT mine.

3. Cold Cuts. Winter time on the island!

4. Wreck The Halls. Its xmas eve and the Pigs are having fun!

5. When Pigs Fly. Small Pig gets trapped in a flying box.


1. A Green Coin. St.Patrick's day.

2. Fall In Love. Vlaentime's day.

3. Trick Or Treat! Halloween.

4. Ice Day. Christmas.

5. Easter pignics. Easter.

6. Year Of The Pig. Chinease New Year.