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General Info
Release Date: July 15, 2019
Levels: 30
Episode Number: 4
Previous Episode: Weathertop
Next Episode: The Pass of Caradhras
Game(s): Angry Birds The Lord of the Rings

Rivendell is the fourth episode from the new game Angry Birds The Lord of the Rings, it is the 4th major location in the story and features the elven town of Rivendell and continues the first part of the Quest of the Ring.


  • Cutscene 1: Stellarwen's ride to Rivendell
  • Cutscene 2: Stellarwen gets to Rivendell
  • Cutscene 3: Red wakes up in Rivendell. He talks to Gambombf. The wizard tell Red his story.
  • Cutscene 4: Gambombf escapes from Saruham's tower.
  • Cutscene 5: The Ring Council Begins. The Fellowship of the Ring, composed by Red Birdins, Chuck Gamgi, Merry and Pippin, Redagorn, Gambombf, Hallegolas, Gimles and Birdomir. They leave Rivendell.


  • Red Birdings
  • Chuck Hamgi
  • Merry and Pippin
  • Redagorn
  • Gambombf the Grey
  • Hallegolas
  • Gimles
  • Birdomir
  • Stellarwen
  • Eggrond


  • It's the first level to have a boss earlier than the Last Level, being Saruham in 4-10
  • Eggrond and Stellarwen are playable until the last level
  • The Holopad of Bilbo Birdins is unlocked here.
  • Gambombf's escape is feature in levels 4-15 to 4-20