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Robo-King Pig

Appears in

Angry Birds: Bfpi&bb


Boss (undying)

Robo-King Pig is the final boss in Angry Birds: Battle for Piggy Island & Bikini Bottom he appears in King pigs castle.


He has 3 attacks, adding a new one every three heath bars lost. He will throw 2 bombs at you then while he is reloading, you can use you air attack to get inside the cracks in his build. Or you can keep throwing melons at him. When he loses a third of his heath, king pig will come out on a floating hovercraft. He will shoot lasters at you. After you damage him, Robo-King pig will come back into the fight. He will add a targeting jewel shooting out of his crown, which has a very accurate aim. After he loses another third of his heath, he will scream Robo- king- pig at you, the words hurt you.

Phase 2[]

Robo king pig has had enough and powers down, then the player is rewarded with a star. But soon after, king pig will cast a spell on Robo-king pig causing him to grow, grow, GROW! Then king pig and the player go inside of Robo king pig, where, while avoiding king pig, will shut down the robot from the inside.